Discover the valley of Saint-Sauveur

Découvrez les meilleurs endroits où s’héberger, se nourrir et s’aventurer.

Welcome to Saint-Sauveur


EXPLORE the pleasures that are available to you in the Valley of Saint-Sauveur and our beautiful Laurentians. Only 45 minutes from Montreal, Saint-Sauveur is where you can enjoy natures clean! Saint-Sauveur and the Laurentians are known for its mountains, lakes, open spaces and spectacular nature. You will be amazed by the typical beauty of the picturesque village Saint-Sauveur. Whether you are alone, as a couple, family or group and you seek activities, you will be pampered by the diversity which is offered to you. In the trails, you will also find an ecological circuit made by Mrs. Julie Corbeil. The station signs will show you ten varieties of trees on this magnificent trail one of the special features of the Valley of Saint-Sauveur is that everything is nearby. Once you have chosen your accommodation that suits you, you can take a walk and make many beautiful discoveries! On Principale Street, you will find shops offering different products, clothes, jewelry, gifts and souvenirs, then between visiting shops you can stop in one of the art galleries to admire the paintings by artists among the most famous in the region. You will come across several small streets and avenues that are worth exploring, as there are also other small shops where you can find what you’re looking for. Stop for a coffee or ice cream with the children and then cross Jean-Adam to go for a walk to the Factories, where more than twenty manufacturers offer major brands at great prices.

You will also find a wide selection of accommodation for all tastes and all budgets!